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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Commonly asked questions...

1. How do you color stitcheries? We use just good old Crayola crayon. (To be specific; my box is the 64 pack of regular Crayola: not the washable kind.)You just lightly color along the inside of the stitch with a coordinating crayon color. It really is that simple. Just make sure you press your stitchery first so the wax isn't lifted off.
2. Washing your colored stitchery... I have only washed a couple of my finished stitches after I have colored them and so far so good. This is what I did, I washed them on gentle with Cold water. Then I laid them flat to dry. After they were completely dry, I pressed them with a warm iron (NOTE: there was a little crayon left on them so I used a press cloth for an overlay with ironing to prevent the crayon from smearing.) Then I recolored them.
3. How do you trace a pattern onto the muslin?This is simpler than you would think. You tape your pattern to your window or a light colored surface. (I use my beige counter top.) Then you tape your cut to size muslin over the pattern. Then trace with a pencil or washable fabric pen. Yep, that simple.
4. Do you have to back your stitchery with batting?No, this isn't necessary. However, sometimes you can see through the thin muslin so you will have to be more conscience of the back work. Batting also gives your stitchery a cute puffy look that looks darling in a chunky frame or a quilted pillow.
5. What kind of batting do we suggest?You must use 100% cotton quilters batting. This is a very compressed batting that won't pull through with your thread. You can find this batting at any fabric store.
6. Can beginners do stitcheries?Absolutely! There is a stitch guide included in every pattern to help you learn. If you have never stitched before then you came to the right place. If you are a cross stitcher or you do needle point than you will be an old pro at this.
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